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Embrace Your Curl Pattern

It is so refreshing to see how much more accepted natural hair has become, particularly to the women who rock it well.  While I think we have made some progress in more people accepting various hair and curl types, I still see evidence of curly envy every day and part of this has been created by the natural hair care industry. While curls are more embraced, I often see loose curls (3a-3c) being emphasized as the natural curl "prototype". While all curls are beautiful, being bombarded with only one version of natural hair is not helpful to anyone.

Some of my patients feel disappointed when they realize that their hair won't necessarily look like the famous YouTubers hair, even when they use all of the same products. That is because curl patterns vary widely and the intensity of your curl (and other factors) will often dictate how your hair responds to products. Two people in the same family can have very different curl patterns and as a result, very different hair needs. Embracing your curl pattern does not only mean falling in love with your hair, but catering your hair care regimen specifically to your curl type.

The curlier your hair is, the more deep conditioning it will require to prevent breakage, this is truly a critical part of your hair regimen. Those with looser curls may feel the need to wash their hair more often, while those with tighter curls may notice that their hair does well with less frequent washing. Taking time to learn about and accept your hair will go a long way to achieving your healthy hair goals.

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