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Dr. Aguh is the author of three books on hair care. Read below for details. To order books in bulk through this website, click here

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To The Curly Headed Kids and the People Who Love Them:


It’s time to embrace the curly crown of your pride and joy.


It’s more than JUST hair. It’s who they are. And you are going to help them love it.


As a parent, Dr. Aguh knows first-hand the effort required to help curly hair thrive and the importance of cultivating pride in a child’s hair. As a physician, she is intimately familiar with the distress that many adults, especially women, face when struggling with hair loss, particularly permanent hair loss that is the result of harmful styling practices. The time to address these issues is during childhood, when a foundation for healthy hair can be built and sustained for lifelong success.


In the Beginner’s Guide to Curly Hair Care for Kids, Dr. Aguh discusses easy to implement tips that can transform the health of your child’s hair in a matter of weeks…no braiding or styling experience required! In this book, parents will learn:



  • To develop a personalized hair care routine for their child based on their curl type and age

  • The best hair products to maximize length and minimize breakage

  • Easy, beginner-level styles that require no braiding experience for every age

  • Tips for dealing with “straight hair envy”

  • And so much more!


Available to order on Amazon now 

Curly Hair CAN Grow


In the second installment of the 90 Days to Beautiful Hair series, Dr. Aguh takes a deep dive into what it takes to have healthy, curly hair. Curly hair is more prone to hair dryness and breakage and therefore it is often a struggle to get it to grow past a certain length.


BUT…Long, healthy curly hair IS possible, with the right approach.


90 Days to Beautiful Curly Hair will arm you with the knowledge necessary to watch your hair transform from broken and brittle to thriving in three short months. This book contains 50 easy to implement tips to teach you:


  • To develop a personalized hair care routine to help your hair thrive

  • The best oils to aid in length retention and minimize breakage

  • The best protective styles for your hair type and curl pattern

  • DIY moisture packed treatments for thirsty curly hair

  • And so much more!


This book is ideal for women with Type 3 and Type 4 curls, whether it is worn relaxed or natural. 

Available on now. 

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Is your hair damaged from years of harmful styling habits? Are you overwhelmed by the amount of hair products available on the market and want to learn what’s best for YOU?

Well, then it’s time to take the guessing game out of your hair care routine and start working on getting the hair of your dreams.  90 Days to Beautiful Hair will arm you with the knowledge necessary to watch your hair transform from lifeless to thriving in three short months. In this book, you will learn

  • The science behind healthy hair care

  • The best shampoo ingredients for your hair type

  • How to repurpose your breakfast foods into protein-packed hair treatments

  • How to minimize damage from heat styling, relaxers, and hair color

  • And so much more!

This book is packed with over 50 easy to read tips that will have you well on your way to shiny, strong hair in no time. 

Written to address the growing trend of hair loss in ethnic populations, The Fundamentals of Ethnic Hair: A Dermatologist's Perspective elucidates the science of curly hair, demystifies prevailing hair styling trends, and presents practical advice for minimizing the harmful effects of these hair styling practices. Written from a dermatologist's perspective, this textbook seamlessly blends science and practical management. Chapters include physical and chemical properties of the hair, thermal and chemical straightening, extensions, razor bumps and special cultural considerations.

"We need not feel ignorant any longer, because The Fundamentals of Ethnic Hair: The Dermatologist's Perspective provides “one-stop shopping” for our self-education...The authors are to be applauded both for tackling this important subject and also for creating a very readable and “user-friendly” book"- Dr. Leonard Sperling, Chairman & Professor of Dermatology, USUHS

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