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Chapter 5: Look for These Ingredients in Your Shampoo

So now that you’ve figured out that your sulfate-containing shampoo is working

against you, what should you next? Shopping for new hair products can be

exhausting, and you will truly have to prepare for trial and error. To get you started, I've identified two ingredients that you can look for in your shampoos.

Gentle Shampoo Ingredients To Be On The Lookout For:

1. Decyl Glucoside: While sulfate containing ingredients come with a negativecharge that can leave your hair feeling frizzy, decyl glucoside is in a class of ingredients called non-ionic surfactants. These shampoo ingredients have no charge at all, meaning they are less likely to leave your hair feeling dry. They work well with other shampoo ingredients and for that reason is a common ingredient in many popular shampoos. Decyl glucoside is one of the most common ingredients that you will find in a sulfate-free shampoo on the market, and for good reason.

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