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90 Days to Beautiful Curly Hair Is Here!

Ever since I released my first book, 90 Days to Beautiful Hair, I have thought about releasing a book just for women with curly hair. Well, that day is finally here! Introducing 90 Days to Beautiful Curly Hair: 50 Dermatologist-Approved Tips to Un“lock” The Natural (or Relaxed) Hair of Your Dreams. As many of you know, curly hair has unique needs compared to other hair types and to reflect that, this book is filled with more than 40 completely new tips as well as updates to my most fundamental tips just for curly hair. This book is ideal for women with hair types 3A-4C and available for preorder NOW!


I wrote this book to remind women with curly hair that: Long, healthy curly hair IS possible, with the right approach.


90 Days to Beautiful Curly Hair will arm you with the knowledge necessary to watch your hair transform from broken and brittle to thriving in three short months. This book contains 50 easy to implement tips to teach you:

· To develop a personalized hair care routine to help your hair thrive

· The best oils to aid in length retention and minimize breakage

· The best protective styles for your hair type and curl pattern

· DIY moisture packed treatments for thirsty curly hair

· And so much more!

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